IB Curriculum: IB Career-Related Program


The IB Career-related Program (CP)

The IB Career-related Program is designed to prepare students for any of the following post-secondary pathways:

  • Employment
  • Apprenticeship
  • Further Technical Training
  • Further University study in Career field

All IB and Career studies courses are completed during the Junior and Senior years. Freshman and Sophomore years are preparatory to the future courses chosen.

Curriculum Requirements

The Career-related Program (CP) concentrates on a specific Career Pathway a student has chosen that leads to State, Industry, and/or University Recognition/Certification. Other courses continue the IB expectations of rigor and comprehensive education.

Requirements (see the IB Career-related Pathway 4-year Planner):

  •  A two-year focused course of study within a Career Pathway, coordinated through the CTE Coordinator, that leads to State, Industry, and/or University Certification. The pathway courses are non-IB courses and can include courses at Hillcrest, Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC), and/or Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC)
  • two IB courses from any of the IB Course Groups. It is preferred that these courses are related to the chosen Career Pathway. They can be studied on either the Standard Level (HL) or Higher Level (HL).

The CP Core

In addition to the above listed CP Curriculum, there are four important features unique to the CP and known as the CP Core–the Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) course (formerly Approaches to Learning), the Reflective Project (RP), Service Learning (SL), and Language Development (LD). These elements are required for completion of the CP and contribute greatly to the overall education of the student. All of these components work to develop the student into a life-long learner (Learner Profile)

Personal and Professional Skills (PPS)

This is a two semester course with the first semester taken at the end of the junior year and the second semester taken at the beginning of the senior year. The Approaches to Learning course emphasizes the development of transferable skills needed to operate successfully in society. There is an emphasis in the development of the practical skills of Thinking, Communication, Intercultural Understanding, and Personal Development in the Global Contexts of Communities, Technologies, Environments, and Workplaces.

Reflective Project (RP)

This is an independent research project which investigates, analyzes, and presents an Ethical dilemma associated with the student's chosen Career Pathway. The student has several different choices in the manner of presentation of the project (paper, website, film, power point presentation, etc.), each with it's own limits as to maximum size. This project is monitored through the PPS/ATL Class (no separate class required).

Service Learning (SL)

Students will work with Business and Community partners in identifying service needs (global in a local context), preferably related to their own career pathway. They will plan projects to help address the needs, then organize and execute the projects. They will then reflect on the projects and the results for the individual, community, and themselves. These projects are monitored through interviews with the CAS Coordinator (no separate class required).

Language Development (LD)

Each student will develop ability in a language other than their own mother tongue. Emphasis will be on vocabulary needed for their career pathway. This can be accomplished through an IB World Language Course, regular language courses offered at Hillcrest, or through tutoring or language development courses offered outside the school system, including online or commercially available language development courses. Progress is demonstrated through a language portfolio and monitored by the World Language Teachers at Hillcrest.

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