Counseling: Course Request

Course Request 


Course Request Instructions 2020-21 


Canyons School District Course Catalog 


Presentation   English Card   IB   Spanish Card  
9th Grade Power Point Presentation  9th Grade Card   9no Grado
10th Grade Power Point Presentation 10th Grade Card   10mo Grado
11th Grade Power Point Presentation     11th Grade Card 11th Grade IB 11mo Grado
  12th Grade Card 12th Grade IB
12mo Grado


For Ed/CVHS Release  Click Here 

1-Fill out fields to look up your student’s information from Skyward. After selecting your student, fill out the additional questions that appear and then click “Submit”

2-The form will be submitted to your student’s counselor approval.

3-Once approved by the principal, the release will need to be reviewed and approved by your student. They will be notified to do so through their CSD Docs account.

4-Once approved by your student, the District Office of Planning and Enrollment will review your release applications for approval.

5-After District approval, you will receive an email requesting your final approval as the parent/guardian of your student. Please review the application again to ensure there are no unexpected changes that took place during the approval process. If all fields appear correct, click “Approve.”

7-Once this all completed, your student’s counselor will be notified and they will adjust your student’s schedule accordingly.

9-Schedule won’t be changed until final approval is received by the counselor. Remember, counselors can’t change after 10 days into each quarter.