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Arena Schedule Instructions 2019-20

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For Ed/CVHS Release  Click Here 

1-Fill out fields to look up your student’s information from Skyward. After selecting your student, fill out the additional questions that appear and then click “Submit”

2-The form will be submitted to your student’s counselor approval.

3-Once approved by the principal, the release will need to be reviewed and approved by your student. They will be notified to do so through their CSD Docs account.

4-Once approved by your student, the District Office of Planning and Enrollment will review your release applications for approval.

5-After District approval, you will receive an email requesting your final approval as the parent/guardian of your student. Please review the application again to ensure there are no unexpected changes that took place during the approval process. If all fields appear correct, click “Approve.”

7-Once this all completed, your student’s counselor will be notified and they will adjust your student’s schedule accordingly.

9-Schedule won’t be changed until final approval is received by the counselor. Remember, counselors can’t change after 10 days into each quarter.