Husky Strong - 9/11/19

Husky Strong

Hillcrest High School
Midvale, Utah
September 11, 2019

Principals Message:

Parent Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching. Please note that the dates are on Monday, September 23, 3:30 - 7:30 p.m. and Tuesday, September 24, 3:30 - 7:00 p.m.  Hillcrest teachers will be in their classrooms except Healthy Lifestyles teachers. They will be in the E Hall (hall west of breezeway leading to gyms). Student leaders will also be in halls to assist parents in finding rooms. Please plan to bring your students to Parent Teacher Conferences to help facilitate discussions with teachers and find classrooms. A teacher room list will be available in the front halls if needed. We encourage all students and parents to make arrangements to attend PTC on either Monday or Tuesday.  This is a valuable time to meet with teachers in the classrooms and discover what it is like to be a Husky.

Gregory Leavitt
Principal, HHS 801-826-6001


Parking Update and Important Information:

This year, and until the new building is finished, students will no longer be able to park in the driver’s education range.  This will now be exclusively for staff and visitors.  Student parking will be in the triangle lot off Husky Drive and also the back parking lot in the northwest section of the property. Students must have a parking permit to park in the parking stalls close to the school.  Fifty stalls have been painted with small dots, which will allow cars without permits to park.  Students who chose not to purchase a permit, must park in those designated stalls marked with a small dot or they will be ticketed. The “free” free parking stalls are 1st come 1st serve.  Parking permits will not be sold to students who have not cleared their NG’s. 

***The parking & traffic flow map can be found here Map and on our web page @

Student May Park In:

  1. Parking lot off of Husky drive (southwest corner of the property.  Students will enter and exit this parking lot from Husky Drive.
  2. The main rear parking lot (410 parking stalls), formerly our baseball field.  Students will access this lot by driving along the west property line to the rear of HHS.  Students must enter and exit this parking from 700 east.  

Faculty May Park In:

  1. The driver’s ed range, which will be designated for faculty parking.  (This parking lot is closed at 3:30)
  2. The west side of the school behind the shop fences.
  3. The back parking lot between AT building and Cafeteria.

Visitor Parking and Parent Drop Off

  1. Visitors will park in the driver’s ed parking lot as designated. Parent drop off will be at the west end of the driver’s ed range.
  2.  Parents entering the HHS parking lot from 700 East will drop off students and must exit on to Husky Drive. It is one lane only exiting the property on Husky Drive.
  3. Parents entering (two lanes for entry) HHS parking lot from Husky Drive will drop off students and must exit onto 700 East.

Safety and Time Considerations:

  • Due to these traffic constraints, drivers should add 20 minutes to their time schedule.
  • When entering and exiting on to 700 East, drivers should remain patient and watch carefully for pedestrians.
  • All drivers should give busses and construction vehicles the right of way as they exit onto 700 East.
  • The driver’s ed range must be cleared by 3:30pm on days driver’s ed will be held. These will be announced via the school PA system.
  • When exiting the back parking lot onto 700 East, drivers should watch for cars coming from the parent drop off lane turning left on to 700 East.
  • Depending on traffic patterns and the number of cars exiting onto 700 East, HHS may choose to limit drop off traffic in the afternoon to one direction. This would likely mean parents picking up students would be required to enter on 700 East and exit on to Husky Drive.

Safe Walking Routes:

  • Safe walking routes are shown in red on the parking & traffic flow map.  Students should use cross walks and designated walking areas.
  • Students in the rear parking lot should use the gravel pathway to the rear of the building and enter the school through the cafeteria. 
  • For evening activities the public should use the rear parking lot and enter the gym area through the North gym doors.  

Finally, HHS expects your patience and cooperation. Students who do not have parking passes or disregard safe and reasonable parking and traffic rules will not be allowed to bring a vehicle to school.


I.B and A.P Parent Information:

Attention all AP and IB students and parents:

As I promoted last year, College Board who is the company over Advanced Placement (AP) exams has changed their ordering process.  This testing year, 2019-2020, ALL students will need to decide whether or not to take and order their exams by the preferred order date of November 1, 2019. 

PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT ALL STUDENTS WHO REGISTER FOR THEIR EXAM AFTER NOVEMBER 15, 2019, will be assessed an additional $40.00/exam late fee. In accordance to the late fee, a $40.00/exam cancellation fee will be assessed for any exam order cancelled and/or unused after Nov 15, 2019. The absolute final day to cancel or order an exam with this additional fee is March 1, 2020

All Students must first get on line to College Board and set up an account at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In about three weeks, your student’s AP teacher will explain how to sign up for their exam by using join codes specific to their AP Course and Teacher.  If your student is an IB student and wishes to take an exam they are not in a class for, they must see Mrs. Huff in the counseling office prior to October 4, 2019 in order to access a join code to sign up for their exam. 

In addition to ordering your exam on line through College Board, students will sign up to pay for their exam on Total Registration. Unfortunately, some of the questions may be redundant; but this will allow you to pay for the exam, indicate whether or not you need a fee waiver, and help us to determine if your student has AP and IB conflicts.  You will need to go to to pay for your exam by November 15, 2019.

Again, your student’s AP and IB teachers will be providing them with the information on how to order their exams and pay for their exams in about three weeks.  Please ask your student for this information as well. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Huff at 801-826-6119.


AP Test Payment Schedule:


2019-2020 AP Test Payment Schedule
Registration Window is September 5 – November 1, 2019
Fee per Exam During this window - - $98
AP Late Fee Occurrence November 16 – March 6
Fee during the Late Window - - $138
***Refunds from November 16 – May 16 will be $58

Registration for AP exams is now to be completed on-line with AP/College board through join codes.  STUDENTS WILL NOW REGISTER WITH THEIR AP or IB TEACHER IN THEIR CLASSES!

In order to pay for your AP exams, you will still use Total Registration:

This will be the only way you will be able to pay for your AP exams this year!!  Payments must be made by November 1 so that your exam will not be cancelled!!!

Students will be asked some similar questions on Total Registration as on the MyAP site.  Make sure that students are indicating on Total Registration, all of their AP and IB exams they plan to take.  This enables us to determine if there will be a testing conflict between AP and/or IB exams.  THIS IS CRUCIAL!!!

If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, you may qualify for a lower test fee.  Please check the appropriate box on Total Registration.  You (the parent or guardian) will need to authorize a release of information regarding your free or reduced lunch status.  Forms for authorization have been mailed home with a letter regarding Total Registration this week, but are also available in the Counseling Center as well.  Please see Mrs. Romero, in the Counseling Center, for questions regarding free or reduced/fee waivers for AP.

For any other AP questions, please contact Nicole Huff in the Counseling Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 801-826-6119. 


Community School Mobile Clinics and Parent Meetings:

Join us for our Monthly Husky Strong Parent Meetings. All meetings will be the third Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm. Upcoming topics:

  • Tuesday, September 17 from 6:00-7:00pm in Rm. AT 200. The topic for September’s meeting is “Preparing for College.” We will have Mrs. Kim Walters from Hillcrest’s Counseling Office and Ms. Olivia Cordova, Utah College Access Corps (UCAC) advisor. This workshop encourages families to discuss the importance of college with their teens. Parents review the importance of a student’s grade point average, class rank, course sequence when applying for college and scholarship.
  • Tuesday, October 15 from 6:00-7:00pm in Rm. AT 200. The topic for October’s meeting will be “Student Academic Success.” We will have Mrs. Nicole Huff from the Counseling Office. This workshop discusses effective ways to strengthen communication, track and monitor your student’s attendance, grades, and academic progress. Learn how to manage features in Skyward, Canvas, and other electronic platforms to help build trusting relationships between parents, teachers, and students.


Mobile medical clinic by Utah Partners for Health will visit Hillcrest High School on October 23rd, 2019 from 8:00-3:00pm. Free Primary Medical Care Services Include: High Blood Pressure Care // Diabetes Screening and Care // Anxiety and Depression Care // Pap smear and Clinical Breast Exams // Cholesterol Screening// Acute or Chronic Care. Call for your free appointment! 385.204.6257

For vision only: If your child needs glasses, this is the opportunity for them to have an eye exam and get a FREE pair of glasses. All they need to do is pick up a form from Dr. Martinez in B106. The vision clinic will be October 23 from 8:00-3:00pm. Parent/guardian permission to visit the mobile clinic is required. Space is limited to 25 students.


Los Padres/Guardianes son parte del equipo en los logros académicos de los estudiantes. Cada tercer martes de mes de 6:00-7:00pm tendremos talleres para padres/guardianes de diferentes temas. Estos son los próximos temas:

Acompáñenos a la próxima junta de padres que será el martes, 17 de septiembre de 6:00-7:00pm en el salón, AT 200. El tema del mes de septiembre es “Preparación hacia la Universidad.” Tendremos a la Señora Kim Walters de la oficina de consejería de hillcrest y la señorita Olivia Córdova, consejera del programa Utah College Access Corps (UCAC). Este taller hablar con sus adolescentes sobre la importancia de los estudios universitarios. Hablaremos sobre la importancia de las calificaciones, rango de la clase, secuencia de cursos durante el proceso de aplicación.

Martes, 15 de octubre de 6:00-7:00pm en el salón, AT 200. El tema del mes de octubre es “Éxito Académico Estudiantil.” Este taller discute formas efectivas de fortalecer la comunicación, rastrear y monitorear la asistencia de su estudiante, calificaciones y  
 progreso académico. Aprenda a administrar funciones en Skyward, Canvas y otras plataformas electrónicas que se usan en la escuela, para ayudar a crear relaciones de confianza entre padres, estudiantes y maestros.



La Clínica Móvil de Utah Partners for Health estará en la escuela Hillcrest el 23 de octubre de 8:00am a 3:00pm. Servicio Médico Familiar Gratuito. Los Servicios Incluyen: Cuidado de la Presión Arterial //Cuidado de Diabetes //Cuidado de Colesterol // Examen Clínico de Pechos // Papanicolaou // Cuidado de Depresión y Ansiedad // Cuidado de Enfermedades Agudas y Crónicas // y más…Llame para hacer su cita al: 385.204.6257


Exámenes de vista: Si su hijo/a necesita lentes, esta es la oportunidad para que reciban un examen de la vista y un par de lentas GRATIS. Lo único que necesitan es llenar la forma que esta disponible en la oficina de la Dra. Martínez en B106. La clínica será el 23 de octubre de 8:00am—3:00pm Permiso del padre/tutor es requerida para visitar la clínica móvil de la vista. Espacio limitado a 25 estudiantes.

Dr. Andrea Garavito Martinez, M.Ed, Ph.D. 
Community School Facilitator 
Hillcrest High School, Rm. #B 106 (Lab) 
7350 South 900 East
Midvale, UT 84047
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
(801) 826-6167 Office 


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HHS Job Openings:

(2) Cafeteria Cashier Positions @ 3 hours per day

If interested please contact Jan Hansen @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 801-826-6013


Upcoming Event

  • September 11th, Life Touch Pictures
  • September 11th, 2:30 pm -5:00 pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 11th, 5:00pm-7:00pm, Shakespeare Team Rehearsal
  • September 12th, 12:30pm-1:00pm, PTSA Executive Meeting @ ACR
  • September 12th, 1:00pm-2:pm, PTSA General Meeting @ ACR
  • September 12th, 2:30pm-6:00pm, CVHS Testing @ S101
  • September 12th, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 12th, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Girls Tennis @ East High
  • September 12th, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Girls Soccer vs. East
  • September 12th, 5:15pm-6:00pm, Navajo Language Class @ A105
  • September 12th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Volleyball  @ Olympus
  • September 13th, 11:11am-11:45am, Pacific Island Club @ AT200
  • September 13th, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 13th,3:30pm-5:30pm, Girls Tennis @ Cottonwood
  • September 13th, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Football @ Skyline
  • September 14th, Cross Country @ Jordan High
  • September 14th, 7:00am-2:00pm, National ACT
  • September 14th, 8:00am-3:00pm, Shakespeare Team Rehearsal
  • September 16th, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 17th, 7:00am-7:45am, ELD Basic Computer Skills @ B106
  • September 17th, 8:00am-11:15am, SPED Hearing/Vision Screening @ AT200
  • September 17th, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 17th, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Girls Soccer @ Brighton
  • September 17th, 3:30pm5:30pm, Girls Tennis @ Olympus
  • September 17th, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Husky Strong Parent Meeting @ AT200
  • September 17th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Volleyball vs. Highland @ Main Gym
  • September 18th, 7:00am-1:00pm, Jostens Cap and Gown Order Day @ Main Office Hallway
  • September 18th, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Musical Rehearsals
  • September 18th, 5:00pm-6:00pm, School Community Council @ ACR
  • September 18th, 5:00pm-7:00pm, Shakespeare Team Rehearsal
  • September 18th, 7:00pm-8:30pm, PowderPuff Football
  • September 18th, 8:30pm-10:00pm, SBO Movie on the Field