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Arena Scheduling

Class Schedules for 2018-19 School Year

On Friday, May 18th  ALL students will receive their schedule for the 2018-19 school year in their 1st period class.  Middle school students can pick up their schedule from their respective counseling center or view online through Skyward.

2018-19 Schedule Changes

If you would like to change your schedule for next year you will need to do so through Arena Scheduling, 5/21/18-5/29/18

It is possible that you may drop a class and not be able to add it back to your schedule because it is full, so use caution. Also, if you are unable to add other classes it is because the class is full.

How to use Arena:

  1. Login to Skyward Family Access
  2. Use your Student Login and Password to access your information
  3. Click on Arena Scheduling in the left hand menu and select 2018-19 School Year
  4. Select “View/Print Schedule” to view your scheduled classes
  5. To drop a class click on the class name. You will then be prompted if you are sure you want to remove the class. If you drop a class, there is no guarantee you will be able to add it later.  Be careful in what you drop!
  6. To add a class, close the “View/Print Schedule” Search for classes by period, subject, teacher and click on the add button if available
  7. There is no save button, when a change is made it is automatically saved
  8. Specific instructions can be found through this tutorial
  9. If you need help adjusting your schedule the Career Center will be open before and after school May 21st - 29th with counselors available to answer questions
  10. There will be NO schedule changes with counselors at the beginning of the year so be sure to make the changes NOW